Friday, May 31, 2013

Go Brumbies!

Hello everyone,

Today (Friday May 31rst – for those of you in other time zones) started with breakfast and I think I can speak for most of us when I say that as much as we all love not having to pay for food while we are here, we are starting to tell its definitely made in bulk. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am so glad there is always cereal =)
As our free day in Canberra, everyone went into the City Center to see what the capitol of Australia was all about outside of the AIS. Most of us went immediately into the mall to shop around, and as typical Americans, the first store we entered was an Australian souvenir shop.  After the group I was hanging out with walked around the mall, occasionally looking into a shop and getting something, we finally went to Target. Unfortunately, this Target was not like the Targets I have been to in the US. It was much smaller and had a lot less variety, but the worst part was that it did not have any good sweatpants to keep us warm in this 5 degree Celsius weather! We only have a couple more days here though, so I think we will survive. People then had lunch at a couple different places and some then went to watch The Hangover 3 while others continued to shop around or start to head back to the AIS. I had chicken quesadillas at the Australian version of Chipotle (called Guzman Y Gomez) and then went to a cupcake shop with all vegan cupcakes, which was pretty interesting (and made the vegan in our group incredibly happy). Unfortunately, the only bar with amber ale was an hour walk, so I was unable to go there.
Once back at AIS, most people just hung out watching TV (a pretty common past time for us here), played a version of volleyball outside, or went for a run until it was dinnertime. After dinner was a rugby union game, the Brumbies vs the Hurricanes. It was a pretty interesting match, with the Brumbies taking the lead early on and keeping that lead throughout the entirety of the game. The final score was 30-23. Go Brumbies!


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