Monday, May 20, 2013

Our week in Lennox Head
Hello Everyone,
I got the blog spot for our last day here in Lennox Head so I thought that I would make my post a little recap of our incredible week here in Lennox Head. To start off I would just like to say that life here is very relaxed and is at times very hard to adjust to. This is especially tough for us college students who just finished a whole year of classes and a full week of finals. When we weren’t all attached to our devices and the wifi in our cabin, we have been out learning all about the Australian Culture. We have all learned how to surf, play rugby and cricket, speak like an Australian, bond with the locals, and even got a tour of a subtropical rainforest!
Our first couple of days here surrounded around sports in the Australian culture. Our first day here, both of our groups had two lectures to kind of get a general idea about athletic training and sport management here in Australia. Our second full day here was our surf lesson and its safe to say that all of us loved learning how to surf. Some of us liked it so much that they came back the next day after our rugby lesson for another 3 hours of lessons! Our third day here we all got a rugby lesson from two of the guys who play on the local team here in Lennox Head. They taught us all the rules, the proper way to throw the ball, the proper way to tackle, and the proper way to fall when being tackled. Once we all had these things down, we played a little scrimmage match to show off our skills. 
           Our fourth day here was the most jammed packed day of sports that we have had so far. We all woke up early and walked into town to get a cricket lesson and then after about 3 hours of lessons, we all boarded a bus to Ballina to watch the Lennox Head rugby team take on the Ballina team. We watched two matches and it seemed like everyone really enjoyed this because it was like we were all apart of the actual fan base for the Lennox Head team. We had all learned how to play rugby the day before, but now we got a chance to see it in action. We all got to bond with the locals and really learned a lot from them on how the sport of rugby is played.
Our last three days in Lennox Head were not really focused around sport as much but more on the site seeing and seeing the Australian way of life. On Sunday all us of took a bus to Byron Bay. Byron Bay is another kind of surfer town just like Lennox Head, but is actually a little bigger and has more tourist attractions. The main thing that we saw there was the lighthouse. The view from up on the lighthouse was so beautiful and it felt that we could all see for miles. Once we had all taken our pictures, we walked down into town and shopped around for the remainder of the day. The next day we all got back onto another bus, but this time we did not take it to a tourist town, we took it a subtropical rainforest. Our guide, Peter, was very knowledgeable on all the wildlife in the rainforest and we all learned a lot about the types of plants that they have in Australia.
Our last day here was pretty much a free day for all of us. Some of us stayed in Lennox Head and shopped around the town, and some of us others took a bus back to Byron Bay to do a little bit more shopping there. Even though we all split up for the day, we all came back together for dinner and had a little family barbeque. We all sat around and reminisced on our week here in Lennox Head and even though we are all sad to be leaving Lennox Head, we are all very excited to move on to Sydney!!. Tomorrow is a travel day for us so there won’t be a blog post. But Hope will be back on Thursday to tell all of you about our first day in Sydney.

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