Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunny day at the zoo in Sydney

G’day mates!!

Today we woke up and enjoyed breakfast at our hostel in the rocks. I think we all were a little tired today after our wonderful dinner cruise last night in Sydney Harbor, but we were very excited to visit Taronga zoo. It was the perfect day for a visit too. The weather was beautiful all day so we all made sure to wear our “sunnies” for the day. We took a ferry to the zoo and had to take a cable car to the top of the hill where the zoo journey began. We got to see animals on our way up and another beautiful view from a different angle this time once we arrived at the top. We were on the other side of the harbor this time and through the many sailboats and ferries we could see the opera house and the bridge. I think I heard one of us say “we’re in Australia guys…this is crazy!” at least once everyday when we see sights like that or experience something amazing. I definitely said it myself today and heard it multiple times.

At the zoo Lisa led us straight to the wallabies and kangaroos because we have all been very impatient about wanting to see one while in Australia. The area was a place we could walk through with the wallabies. They were hopping in our walking path and came very close to some of us! Some of the other native Australians animals we saw were emus, platypuses, and wombats.

After the quick morning at the zoo most of us grabbed a quick lunch and headed over to the Sydney Harbor Bridge for our bridge climb, while others enjoyed museums or shopping around the city. I decided to go to the bridge climb. Overall the process took about 3.5 hours. We wore special suits and were also given hats and other equipment. Our tour guide Lauren was very friendly and knew a lot about the bridge and the city. The bridge was built in 1932 under some difficult working conditions, but it gave many people jobs during the great depression. It was nicknamed the iron lung because it provided many jobs for people at the time. It was also unbelievable to think that the workers were not even harnessed or strapped in while working on the bridge like we were. 

It was an incredible experience that I think all of us will never forget. It was a bit nerve wracking at first but after getting to the top it was well worth anything! The view was again, unbelievable, and something that we are never going to forget. We climbed 1,390 steps on 52,800 tons of steel 134 meters up. We made it! And we also got to meet a new friend on our journey to the top. Daryl from Victoria joined us the entire time!

For dinner some of us had sushi and the chocolate bar, while others tried kangaroo pizza. I think most people liked it. I know I did! Because we had a busy week previously we all just took it easy and watched vivid Sydney from our balcony in the rocks. We have only one more day in Sydney left and I know we will all miss it when we leave.  

Hope all is well back in the States. We love and miss you all! (Hi mom and dad!)

See you soon- Katie

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