Thursday, May 9, 2013

the world didn't end, so i went and saw it.

in roughly 72 hours i will be boarding a plane that will take me half way across the world and into not only a different country; but a different hemisphere, a different time-zone, a different culture, a different world. even though i'm terrified of all the deadly creatures that australia has to hold, i cannot handle my excitement for this experience right now. every day i'm a little more jittery with anticipation of finally going on this adventure. along with 18 other students across the states we'll be visiting major cities such as brisbane, sydney, canberra, and melbourne. we're going surfing, to rugby games, to cricket games, to zoos, touring rainforests, touring cities, and a plethora of new, exciting, and different things. yet the most amazing thing is that i'm going to be able to network with potential colleagues when i graduate next year. networking not only with the professionals i'll be able to meet when i job shadow at various clinics, but networking with the amazing individuals that i will be sharing this experience with. i'm a melting pot of emotions right now, but all i know is that i wish i was sunday already, i wish we were down under. it cannot come soon enough <3

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