Monday, June 3, 2013


         Well, after bus, bus, train, bus, bus, or maybe it was bus, train, bus, plane, boat, jet pack, time machine, we finally made it to Melbourne after the traveling it was a pretty non-eventful rest of the night. It just consisted of food and then sleep.
         However, today we got to start our adventures in Melbourne. After breakfast we loaded up the mini bus and headed to the University of Melbourne. We were met there by one of their elite athletes who played water polo. Genevieve, water polo girl, talked with us about her major and how accommodating UoM was with their athletes. She told us how she went to Russia to play water polo and how the school worked with her so she was able to finish her semester.
         After talking with her the sports development manager, Rod Warnecke, came in and gave us a tour of the university we got to see all the facilities, and also catch a sneak peak on some of the renovations taking place. Rod also gave us an "eye-opening" presentation on the university. Some knowledge to be shared is that UoM was established in 1853, and it's the second oldest Australian university. UoM has 40,000 students, and is ranked No. 1 in Australia.
          We split ways following the "awakening" presentation, some of us did job shadowing while the rest of us had the afternoon off. I spent my afternoon off tripping over every uneven surface from the YHA to the Melbourne city center. That about wraps the day up look out for Nicole Bailey's take on the day tomorrow.
Peace up, A-town,
Kerby JOOOOoooones
Also Tom Ward rocks

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