Thursday, June 6, 2013

see you yesterday.

as i woke up this morning at six am to catch my flight home all i wanted to do was shred my passport up into a million pieces and stay just a bit longer. i had to leave a few days early for my brother's graduation, but i was no where near ready to leave. this past month has been everything i've dreamed of and more. and this is largely due to the amazing people that shared the experience with me. i remember vaguely going over our bio slides the night before the trip and being  terrified because i didn't know a single soul. but within minutes of meeting my future mates, i knew there was nothing to be worried about. they were all so welcoming and friendly, we all made instant connections. i'd share some experiences/memories that i'll forever hold in my heart, but i wouldn't want to worry the parents that are reading this. (though there really is nothing to worry about!). all i know is i can't wait for everyone to be in the states and make 'chugby' a house hold game (: honestly, i couldn't imagine a better group to have gone with. i know it was only a month, but i want to express my deepest thanks to everyone for making this summer one for the books. travel safe and i'll see you on the flip side. 

thuy-vy xx

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