Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Academic Time!

I wanted to get in the fact that we REALLY ARE doing some stellar academic work. It's only day 2 and all the students have had 3 lecture/discussions and Tom will write the first student blog tonight.

Lisa and I started yesterday with a cultural competency lecture. Essentially, as in our country, people from around the world are diverse and fascinating. You know how interesting it is to hang out at airports and bus stations as folks walk by? Well... the world down under is pretty cool too. We talked a lot about similarities and differences regarding people in general and then Aussies vs. Americans. I'm sure you will be hearing about all kinds of things they are experiencing. (Don't worry... I told them to write knowing that little kids, parents, grandparents, professors and the clergy would be reading :) Let's hope for the best!!!

Today, the sport management majors had lectures from Dr. Danya Hodgetts and Dr. Dave Arthur. Danya talked about the structure and governance of sport in Australia compared to the US and Dave gave a history of Australian sport with a peek into the psyche of why Aussies love their sports so much.
Dr. Danya Hodgetts from the University of Southern Cross (USC) and co-owner of Dangerous Minds Consulting.

Dr. Dave Arthur formerly with USC and now in private consulting in the Australian sport industry.

Athletic training majors listened to Sally Petrie who is a physiotherapist in Lennox Head and Marian Pentecost who uses innovative hydrotherapy and alternative therapies with her clients. We were so lucky to have them come speak.

 Marian Pentecost and the AT students.
Dr. Lisa Jutte setting a good example :)


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