Tuesday, May 14, 2013

G'day from Lennox Head, Australia

Hi Everyone,

Well...the longest flight EVER...but the students have been great! We all managed to find each other in LAX without any problem. Apparently, one gives off a GPS signal when attached to a study abroad group. We flew over with the Clemson University/East Carolina combined group that were doing a sustainability course.

You will be hearing from each student who will be responsible for a 24 hour period of a day in Australia. I believe Tom Ward is up to bat first at some point later today.

Wifi is spotty at best here in Lennox Head but will get better in Sydney as we head closer to the city.

Lisa and I just wanted you to know that we arrived safely and the students have already had an orientation, a lecture and food!!! I have attached a few pictures of our cabin and the view out out back door!!!


The group in LAX just before departing for Brisbane, Australia!

Lennox Head just a few short yards out the back door.

The path leading to the ocean.

Home Sweet Home!

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