Thursday, May 23, 2013

First Day in Sydney!

Good evening from Sydney!

My name is Hope Castaneda and I am one of the Athletic Training students on this trip.  First, let me take a moment to give a shout out and thanks to all of the family, friends, and everyone who helped make this trip possible for each of us.  Believe me when I say we are all having the times of our lives right now.  On our arrival day (yesterday afternoon) it was cloudy and rainy the whole way.  Today has been some of the same, but there were a few hours without rain which made it nicer to try to venture out into the town.

We all woke up this morning at 8am to get free breakfast provided by our YHA Hostel (For us, free breakfast will be a blessing for all of the days we are here).  The AT students had two lectures today, one from Dr. McConnell, and another from Dr. Courtney.  In the first lecture Dr. McConnell spoke about anterior knee pain and the under-diagnosis of irritated fat pad syndrome as its most likely source.  It was a very interesting lecture as we were joined by another group of Athletic Training students from a different school.  One of our own, Allie Masarik who will be blogging tomorrow about our tour of the Olympic Grounds was chosen as a model for an assessment and demonstration with Dr. McConnell.  How Cool!  It seemed as if there was not enough time in the day to be able to listen and gain the knowledge she could share with us about her taping method and research when her session came to an end.

After a quick lunch break, the AT students returned for another lecture from Dr. Courtney about dysfunctional breathing.  There were some minor technical difficulties, but we had a good talk about all things breathing.  We discussed the physiology behind it, the functions of breathing, the proper way to breathe and, why that is as well.  The groups of us shared stories about personal experiences or situations they have been a part of that had to do with acute hyperventilation and the symptoms associated with that.  This session left us catching our breath because towards the end we participated in a test that Dr. Courtney uses where we were holding our breath for as long as we could. 

The sport management group also had a lecture today with Colin Huxley, the Senior Operations Coodinator of the local recreational center that is actually right across from our Hostel. It is called the KGV Recreation Centre.

After the lectures it was a free day for both of our groups and some groups went to check out the markets while others rode the ferry and went to the aquarium.  Over here in Sydney the night is still young so there should be more places seen and activities done tonight.  Check in again tomorrow for Allie's post.  Good Night!
Athletic Training!!!
Sport Management!!!

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