Friday, May 24, 2013

Glitches and Updates

Hi Everyone,

We are still in Sydney through Monday and will then leave for Canberra and the Australian Institute for Sport (AIS). We should have two posts later tonight for you. Allie couldn't log on last night but I thought I had a moment and would let you know all is well and Sydney is spectacular to say the least.

You might also be interested in seeing the numbers of people who are following the blog all over the world. It is amazing to note the "footprints" we leave with people and have no idea that we are doing it! Of course, most of the views in Australia are by the students and some of the friends, coaches, and lecturers we have met here but the numbers from the US and other countries are growing daily!

I will post a few pictures here (Olympic Stadium, group inside ANZ, the Sydney Opera House, The Olympic Aquatic Center (some went swimming) and on the actual Olympic podiums...and yes, we were all winners!!!) and a short video of Vivid Sydney on the Opera House taken from our hostel rooftop last night at the opening. Note the huge cruise ship parked out front :)

I'm sure the next bloggers will have lots more to say so I will let them do that.



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