Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Panic or Excitement?

It's 7:42 am Wednesday morning, May 8th. I made the mistake of looking at the countdown and realized that we have just a few days before the big adventure with 20 of my brand new traveling posse members. With 12 very long philosophy papers and a deadline of noon today,  I shouldn't be making posts to the blog but I was always told to confront my fears head on. Whoever said that needs their head examined. I know the students will be more than ready to cut loose after the semester's end and I'm looking forward to studying and exploring with them. Lisa and I got our syllabi ready and posted to Blackboard and are finalizing the itinerary. Between kangaroo pizzas and the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb, the Australian Institute of Sport and the Rainforest walk.... there will be a lot to learn and share. Okay, I have procrastinated enough... off I go to finish grades.

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