Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The suitcase is out...

I looked at the countdown below and realized that I better start thinking about what to take. I have traveled all over the world as has Lisa, but a month is a long time, the stack of 'must-haves' quite large and the suitcase, well the suitcase, is quite small. Most of us have heard the old travel adage that one should set out all of the clothes they want to take and then remove half. I don't want to remove half... I want to take everything I think I'll need! If I don't, I will be wearing the same things every other day... at which point, I think I will be driven crazy! Lisa says I will want to burn those items upon my return so don't take anything I might want after the trip is over. She has also suggested that I pack Gain dryer sheets in my suitcase to help with odor control. She is full of such great ideas... but is she trying to tell me something???

Cheers!  Dr. S.

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