Saturday, May 25, 2013


G'Day Y'all!
We had a very eventful day today touring the Olympic Park, Athletic Center, and Aquatic Center. The tour guide showed us every little aspect involved in the 2000 Olympic Games. Our guide took us through the athletes locker rooms, the underground tunnels, onto the fields where the opening ceremonies were held, and then allowed us to stand on the Olympic winning podiums. We then moved to the Athletic Center. Here is where the track and field athletes would practice before their main event. The final place on the tour was the Aquatic Center, where all the water events happened. The facility was amazing and stocked with state-of-art equipment. It was an incredible experience getting to see where all the action took place. The many metals, plaques, and pictures of the winning athletes posted throughout the tour can only make you smile and feel happy. The emotions expressed by the winning athletes will have an eternal effect on any viewer. 

-Allie Masarik

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